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Brand New Themes Kingdom

It’s been a great year in the Themes Kingdom.
It passed like a fastest royal carriage through our Kingdom :-)

We’ve achieved our goal and implemented higher standards in development, got faster support system (our main support guy Pedja works on steroids now :-)), made a lot of great new goodies and improvements for you guys and gathered over 20.000 Kingdom members in just 365 days (wow!)

You’ll notice new sections in your dashboard – beside WordPress themes, you have WordPress Plugins and Plugin Extensions now.

We have forged a new powerful weapon which is FREE for all our knights – Scebo plugin with 3 amazing premium extensions.

24 new superior quality WordPress themes is the result of this year’s work of our team and a lot of unslept hours. Now the new themes give you worth of over $1000 for just $50 per year! Yeah, the prices are slightly higher than last year’s, but worth is like 3 times higher – good lord!

We thought that some of the themes are lower quality than others and outdated in design and functionality. We saved some by upgrading them but some of them were lost…trash. That was the reason why we’ve executed 5 themes (Prodev, Achieved, Bulletin, Vario and Playyo). Don’t worry, we still do support for them but they aren’t available for download anymore.

We will compensate those lost themes within next year with newer and better high quality themes…do not grieve for them, everything has a finite lifetime…except the King of course :-)

Since we have a number of FREE members who do not want to pay full price of membership in order to, for instance, download only one FREE theme and take advantage of our support, we’ve invented one cool sexy thing – Support Passcard which allows this type of users to get required support FOREVER for a small flat fee of just $10!

Another great innovation is the one which puts all commitments off your back! If you want to purchase just one or two themes and don’t want to have yearly reccuring, this one is for you – you may purchase themes and other goodies for a flat price and gain access to support for those items forever!

If you need Photoshop files, you may take advantage of Developer License which will give you access to PSDs of all WordPress themes you already have access to for a flat once-off price of $75.

Stay tuned because we are working on more cool things!

Themes Kingdom Team

18 responses

  1. mauryg3

    OK, I see the problem. Can't use the old banner-2 because it has the old subscription price ($29). Have replaced it with the simple ThemesKingdom logo for the time being. Will use that until you have some replacements.



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